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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Guerlain Products #OnlineShopping

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Guerlain Products

Caring your face, body, hands, feet and other parts of the body, keeps you fresh and confident. As a woman, you have to take good care of your well-being for health and hygienic purposes.

Eye Care Products:


Evolution: Specific eye contour care emulsion:

1) Containing a high concentration of Revitenol, it actually repairs the skin around the delicate eye area.
2) It moisturizes, tones, firms and diminishes lines and wrinkles.
3) Use each morning and evening or as an intensive treatment.

Phas: Specific care eye contour cream

1) Rich in nutritive elements.
2) It fights against premature ageing of eye contour
3) Decreases bags under the eyes
4) Eliminates dark circles
5) Use each morning and night to keep skin supple and elastic.

Anti-wrinkle Products:


Evolution: Intensive extract with Revitenol

1) A highly concentrated biological activator that repairs, moisturizes, protects and fortifies the epidermis to fight environmental changes that cause ageing.
2) May be used: as part of daily beauty ritual, as an intensive treatment when your skin needs special attention (all over face and neck, or just on vulnerable areas; eyes, around the mouth, on lines and wrinkles)

Aquaserum: Long-term dehydrator

1) Total protection against skin ageing
2) Forestalls ageing
3) Strengthens the cell membranes
4) Firm tissue
5) Fight wrinkles
6) Use morning and evening alone or in conjunction with other products of Issima Line.
7) After a month of regular use rediscover a skin, fresh and luminous

Body Care:


Evolution: Otimum care, body emulsion

1) Rich in Revitenol
2) It penetrates rapidly, moisturizing, firming, and toning the skin
3) It actively fights the biological alteration that causes skin ageing.
4) Use everyday, after bath or shower for a soft and supple skin in just two weeks.

Phas: Gentle body exfoliant

1) For clear, revitalized skin – 30 seconds twice a week in the shower, to deep cleanse the skin, as exfoliating micrograms rid the skin of roughness and highly effective foaming agents allow for in-depth cleansing.

Bath Line:


1) Voluptuous and luxurious products for the bath
2) Precious essences, tender soaps, soft emulsions, rich creams
3) Feel provocative like Shalimar
4) Create an aura of flowery notes with Jardins de Bagatelle.
5) Be mysterious like Misouko or daring like Chamade



1) Aminicissant Kinetique – The slandering system which increases your slimming potential two-fold
2) The Formula – A powerful concentrate of active ingredients for real slimming action and revitalizing effect.
3) The system – a multi pellet self massager which dispenses and spreads the concentrate actively massaging and stimulating the micro-circulatory system.
4) The result – A firmer skin and a shapely body contour.

Phas: Lifting Seins Fermes

1) The solution to the problem of bust tone and firmness
2) An original mousse formula with a cold bracing effect
3) Containing firming and restructuring active ingredients for high, firm breasts.

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  1. The online store looks complete in all the beauty products.

  2. Wow, lots of beauty products. I love perfumes.

  3. I'm very simple when it comes to beauty products, most of the stuff are from drug stores. I haven't tried Guerlain yet. I know it has very great reviews and lots of loyal customers.

  4. Isn't quite hard to shop for perfumes because you won't know the scent until you get up close to the actual product?

  5. those looks amazing some of them i have seen before and nice to see it here again on your blog

  6. Guerlin does have a lot of beauty product available.

  7. Eye contour creams and anti-wrinkle solution creams are always interesting! :)

  8. It looks like I will be buying a new product soon.

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