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Monday, February 17, 2014

Staying Safe Accepting Weusepaypal #OnlineShopping

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Donnie Mullikin. Read more about Weusepaypal: And at Weusepaypal

Staying Safe Accepting Weusepaypal

Although paypal does offer several preventative measures to help shelter you from fraudulent trades, the hazards of utilizing paypal as your retailer are still obvious. paypal is currently offered to 190 Countries and 18 moneies. Due to the reality the only Countries presently entitled to a confirmed (vendor/purchaser protected by the PayPal policy) WeusePaypal transport address are Canada, United States Of America and the Great Britain, this in it self leaves the doors wide open to rip-off artists.

There are means for Global sellers to "verify" their account, meaning they have verified their transport address and maybe some other details making the transaction slightly more safe on your own end, but with no confirmed PayPal shipping address, you as a seller are not covered underneath the existing seller protection policy in the case of an upset. If you are an e-bay seller and WeusePaypal as your method of taking payment, eBay has stated that they'll offer seller protection when sending to Global addresses, even when they are "Unconfirmed", or Global. The target here is to boost seller assurance, sales and provide more purchasing power for eBayers overseas.

From my years of experience using paypal as my primary merchant account on both my e bay PowerSeller account and my e-commerce web sites, the following are some preventative measures that will help you keep proactive when using paypal.

1). Remember to state your conditions of deal in all your lists/web sites. In case you buyer sends a payment from a unconfirmed WeusePaypal account and they are found within the suitable zones (Canada, United States, UK) kindly request that they have the account Confirmed with paypal, or you'll not have the ability to ship the item. This can usually capture their attention. Supporting a PayPal address within the suitable zones is quite simple and only takes around a quarter-hour, although you need a charge card, or the procedure is longer. When the client has a higher feedback rating, or PayPal score you might be OK, it is dependent on the worth of the product provided.

2). When the payment was finished by a Global buyer take the excess step to be proactive to shelter your self from a fraudulent trade. View where the payment was sent from. There are certain regions to be extra cautious when receiving payments (Nigeria to my encounter especially). Do not take something for granted when sending Globally. Send the purchaser a message saying that you just require additional information from them, as they did not meet your minimum tenure for the transaction. Request that they validate with you the address that the thing needs to be shipped to (should coincide with paypal/e bay address, if it doesn't fit cancel the trade), home telephone number (if unavailable cellular), whether the transport address is business or residential and references to any transactions the buyer may have lately finished using paypal. After that you can phone paypal and support these details. A good sign of a deceitful buyer is when they do not respond to your message to acquire additional information, or when they make use of a threatening strategy to get you to really ship the item. If either of these occur refund the payment instantaneously.

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  1. It's important to verify sites first before trusting them with your paypal.

  2. I like it that most of merchants now accepts paypal as mode of payment.

  3. It's so imporant to be safe even in our online transactions - thanks for the tips!

  4. Security is key for online transaction and also it's always safe to go for secure transactions.


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