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Monday, October 12, 2015

ONE Network Ecommerce: The Online Business Solution For Filipinos #OnlineShopping #ONENetwork

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ONE Network Ecommerce: The New Online Business Solution For Filipinos #OnlineShopping

I attended the Digital Influencer Marketing Summit 2015 last October 10, 2015 at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel in Makati Avenue, organized by Ms. Janette Toral. Beside my table, the Team of ONE NETWORK E-COMMERCE prepared their tables, chairs, and other marketing accessories for the event.

I observed them secretly and my curiosity heightened until Mr. Jason de la Rosa and Mr. Marc Concio discussed about it at the stage.

The Founder: Marc Concio

Jason de la Rosa

Jason dela Rosa and the Author

I was attracted by the concept of ONE company and really believed their vision and mission in the future. Want to know more about this new concept of online business? Read on because it can help you with your financial success.

The History

While stuck in traffic in 2014, Marc and Jason, who both have intensive background on sales, communications and technology wanted to create an all-in-one business platform that:

1.) can be done on the side
2.) can be managed anywhere (even on traffic or when on a vacation!)
3.) takes up little capital
4.) reaches a large market, and
5.) has a big opportunity for growth

They thought of merging e-commerce into other various essential applications: bills payment, loading center and a rewards program.

The goal was simple: create online entrepreneurs where every Filipino can afford to sell on a game-changing platform.

ONE Network E-commerce (ONE) is born.

First launched in the Philippines – it has reached other countries such as the US, UK, Australia, India, Indonesia and Taiwan – where it will soon be launched. From using a small table with eight (8) chairs in Ortigas and finally growing to have an office in a 2,500 sq meter floor area in the emerging Aseana Business District, truly, ONE has reached such exponential growth.

Boasting of celebrities as a part of their seller’s group, thousands of built-in products to re-sell, online payment features and logistics and customer service support, ONE has created a powerful platform that gives you all the necessary tools to be an e-commerce superstar.

Visit the website to register: ONE NETWORK ECOMMERCE WEBSITE

Ara's Secret Online Store

Ara Mina with the Author

ONE Network E-Commerce have many helpful Service Features:

ONE managed to merge essential service features into a united system to create an all-on-one platform for online businesses.

Grab Concept

Grab other products to sell. With little or no capital to buy products, ONE has access to thousands of merchants so you can instantly resell products online. Let other people market your products by allowing thousands of ONE online stores to “grab” your products, deals and promo in their stores. A unique feature only ONE has in the world.

Celebrity Merchants

Hundreds of celebrities (and growing) are signing up to have an online store with ONE. You can resell their products or if a celebrity likes the products and services you are selling, they can grab it from your store and be resellers – instant celebrity promotion for FREE!

Rewards system

Affiliate and rewards program allows consumers to earn by referrals therefore, increasing sales for you!

Online Payment Facility

Through ONE’s partnership with VMONEY, members can instantly and securely send, receive and transfer money anytime, anywhere using VMoney’s prepaid mastercard. You can even use it abroad!

Loading Center

To add more essential features in the ONE platform, ONE’s partnership with Load Central allows your subscription to be used as a loading facility for all forms of prepaid accounts.

Product and Voucher/Service Uploading

ONE understands that your business is ever changing and evolving. You may be selling products one day and switch to services the next. So, we thought, why not both? Through your dashboard, you can choose to upload both products or discount vouchers to sell.

Customer Service Support

ONE has invested in providing the best customer service facility, training and system, to give you access to technical support and information wherever you are. Your customer’s happiness is our main concern.

Logistic Support

Through ONE Express (ONEX), we pick up the products from your doorstep and deliver them to your customer’s doorstep. We also do cash in deliveries within Metro Manila.

Easy to Use Dashboard with Store Templates

Manage your entire online business anytime, anywhere using our easy to use dashboard. Choose from the many pre-designed templates and launch your online store with its own unique flavor and branding.

Watch these training videos for you to fully understand the concept of ONE.

Introducing--our training videos are finally here!




ONE - How it works

How does ONE work? What is ONE all about?

Need help logging in to your account? How do you log in?

Having problems uploading your store logo and updating your store name? How to change it?

How to customize your store through ONE's pre-designed templates

What are sliders? How can you add sliders?

Ready to sell? It's time to upload your products!

How to process your orders and deliver them to your buyers

LACHICA ONLINE SHOPPING MALL was born last October 17, 2015 - a new online store from One Network Ecommerce who paved the way in upgrading my online endeavor. They have much to offer to all Filipinos when it comes to selling products online. It's a packaged of positive distribution, easy shopping, availability of different products to choose, trusted and reliable transaction rolled into ONE.

I attended the orientation and training done by ONE Network Ecommerce staff together with Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino - an online marketing expert and other participants.

LACHICA ONLINE SHOPPING MALL offers multiple-collexxions to choose from different products coming from different suppliers like Kids/Children, Gadgets, Beauty, Fitness/Wellness, Bags/Belts, Sports, Shoes, School, Books, Household, Food, DIY/Hardware, Electronics/Appliances, Perfumes, Jewelry, Men's and Women's Collexxions.

An all-in-one online shopping mall with trusted and reliable transaction from ONE Network Ecommerce.

Click the link to visit my ONE store and enjoy easy and trusted shopping: LACHICA ONLINE SHOPPING MALL

Contact Numbers:

Fernando Lachica
Mobile Number: 09055431012
Landline: 046-9705182
Email: fernando_lachica@msn.com

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  1. It's nice that a lot of people are supporting online shops and that business owners are now extending their products to a wider set of buyers over the internet. It makes shopping a lot easier and more convenient.

  2. Haven't heard of this company before but seeing a lot of celebrities using it, shows that it is a great company. Didn't even know that those celebrities have an online shop. lol

  3. It's my first time to hear of the One group even though I follow those celebs on Instagram. Did they share figures regarding profitability or returns?

  4. Wow, this group really seems to be a big game-changer! I'm extremely excited how Filipinos have widely recognized and embraced the concept of e-commerce and even made technology as a main inspiration to bud more entrepreneurs! More exciting times ahead for all of us. Cheers!

  5. Online shopping is so convenient. Especially with different apps and companies launching products to make it even more easier, it's hard not to give in to the comfort of shopping in your own couch!

  6. I am not planning an online business but this one looks interesting. Also having celebrities as customers can really up business. I thought "Tindahan ni Pokie" really sounded catchy for her target market.

  7. Everything can be managed now online. You were able to network with so many companies here. It's good that even Ara Mina has an online shop.

  8. Haven't heard about Marc Concio nor this online business concept. But I believe if it works in Philippines and bloom, it will one day reach singapore too

  9. Looks like a new concept for online selling and shopping. Good that they offer reselling without enforcing capital; this way, other younger entrepreneurs can do business with them.

  10. Online shopping is very convenient these days and e-commerce is the word in the coming years.

  11. E-commerce is certainly the way of the future! I'm so excited to see what happens in the future! :D

  12. Is this something like you subscribe and they will give you your own website?

    1. Yes and we will have to report on Saturday 10 am or 2 pm to claim the sites and there's an orientation too on how to manage the online store.

  13. This is such an exciting place to shop. I love online shopping once I get use to the website I will keep going back.

  14. First time to read about ONEtrilogy and I am amazed that many celebrities are into it/promoting it.

  15. Sad that I've missed this event. I should have personally seen and heard what the resources have said. Nevertheless, your post info enlighten me more about what's being discuss here.

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